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WoD Errata

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die fast kompletten Errata aller Spiele: WoD Errata im Web-Archive

Regelwerke (Version??)


Male Lilian form gains +5 to dex and +1 to sta; Male Pithus form gains +4 to dex and +2 to sta.

The gift Mass Confusion costs one Gnosis point and one Willpower point. (Ananasi Errata)


Warnung: Bastet-Charaktererschaffung orientiert sich am W20 Corebook, sekundär an der 2. Edition! Revised spielt deshalb nur für die Ajaba eine sekundäre Rolle.

The Ajaba were considered to be a tribe of the Bastet in earlier editions, but as of Revised they are considered to be a breed of Fera on their own. ( [Bastet] )

Revised Changes:

  • Awareness no longer allows a Bastet (or any other character) to perform an aura scan.
  • Gifts altered in the WtA Corebook that were also present in Bastet will follow the newest version.
  • A Large Hunga-Munga has a difficulty of 6 to use, and does Strength + 2 damage and can be thrown Strength x3 yards.
  • A Small Hunga-Munga has a difficulty of 6 to use, and does Strength + 1 damage, and can be thrown Strength x4 yards.

From Alt.games.whitewolf, from Ethan Skemp, WtA Developer:

Setting up a Den Realm is done via Rite of Claiming, pg. 121. Roll is as a standard Moon Rite. (Not available to starting PCs.) Whiskerless Deformity (p. 88) "Dexterity rolls are also..." should read "Perception rolls are also..." Moon Rites (p. 118) The Difficulty is shown as "9-Moon Phase", which translates to: Full Moon: 4

Half Moon: 6

New Moon: 8

Exile Rite (p. 124) should read "...loses all Honor and Cunning..." Text on Kuasha Rites (p. 118) referred to a template that was dropped for space considerations.

From Rage Across Egypt: (Zagazig & appendix)

Den Realms are visible by Bastet entering the Umbra, but not by Garou (or presumably other Shapeshifters), but they don't sidestep directly into them without being taken in by the owner. Bubasti are mentioned as picking up the smell of Cahlash, whom Garou know as the Wyrm, when they study human magic. At the moment, this will be handled on a case by case basis in game.

From the PGttCB (Revised Edition):

  • Only Swara may take Ancestors.
  • Only Bagheera may take Mentor.
  • Bastet no longer get an extra point in Gnosis at character creation.

(Errata) Bastet


Warnung: Diese Errata konnten bislang nicht verifiziert werden und gelten nicht für unsere Runde, bis dies jemandem gelingt!

Gurahl in Crinos form have a perception value modifier of +1 instead of -1; health level adjustments are Arthren and Ursus +1, Crinos and Bjornen +2; damage adjustment is +1 in Arthren, +2 in Crinos and Ursus, and +3 in Bjornen.

A Gurahl with 3 points in Bio-rhythm can absorb one more point of damage than normal, rising to 2 extra points of damage with 5 points of Bio-rhythm, and every 2 Bio-rhythm points improve resistance to toxins of all kinds by lowering a Gurahl's resistance target number by 1.

As long as a Gurahl fights with Brawl, she uses Strength instead of Dexterity as the characteristic for checking if a hit is made (Gurahl - Errata)


Warnung: Diese Errata sind ebenfalls nicht verifiziert und haben keine Bedeutung für unsere Runde, bis sich das ändert

The Merit 'Bite of the Monitor' is more dangerous than indicated, shifting upwards one level (season, month, week, every full day, every sun rise and sundown); Archid form suffers only -2 to Manipulation; the combat maneuver 'Wishbone' causes Strength +5 damage.

Due to their cold blood, all Mokole suffer a -1 penalty to initiative during night time; this can worsen to up to a -3 modifier in cold climates. However, all Mokole can soak fire damage when not in Homid form. (Mokolé Errata)